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The End of an Era

October 28, 2019

  When we started Gilmour & Gray in 2013 Charlie and I knew that it would be a huge undertaking and we didn’t take this lightly. Backed by our family and with momentous support from our parents, we were full of enthusiasm and ready to crack on. It was the best idea and still is we think. Charlie and I were young wannabe entrepreneurs keen to make our mark with a new fresh idea. We made our mark in our own way, but it has not worked out as we had planned. Hopefully there will be some insight in this blog to help future entrepreneurs. Also, we would like to use this as an opportunity to share our gratitude to... Continue Reading →


June 04, 2019

  We are sorry if we have been off the radar recently but we have been working hard on an entirely new range and direction for Gilmour and Gray. We are still deep in the process of designing and making a much larger and somewhat different range of footwear to launch in the later part of 2019.  As for the stock that we have left, we have decided to offer you all a Summer discount of 25% on all remaining stock, so hurry as we expect this to sell rather quickly.  We thank you all for all of your support up to this point and hope that you will continue to follow us as we progress into a new chapter... Continue Reading →