So it was time to write my first blog for What do I write about? I’ve never written a blog in my life. Not a great start to my blogging career, but then I’m not an actual blogger.

Regardless the first topic that came into my head was…Why did Charlie and I begin this journey? We know the answer, but the boots do not tell the whole story. It is something that has evolved and I would like to talk about the evolution of our boots and the brand.

Boots have always been a passion for us. Growing up in a household of six. Three boys and our little sister Georgina, marshalled by two loving parents, it was a household that had shoes everywhere and I do mean everywhere. This in essence is where our love of footwear began. Both parents took great excitement in ordering Chelsea boots from around the world, once every two years to replenish the 5 year old pairs that had been handed down to…us. Surely there was a British company who could provide this ‘walk changing, look altering’ boot? Apparently not.

So from there it was a case of then trawling the high street as a student, in search of a smart but casual boot, that could be worn to a smart occasion, but that was not going to fall apart in a nightclub or even more fun look better after a night out. This was not achievable on a budget of £50, far from the £250 that was being spent by those that could afford it. Many of the boots I am talking about are aspirational, something that you would buy when you were older and look after them for years. But there was no middle ground. It was the expensive boots or the very cheap ones that fell apart and looked scruffy after walking in a dewy field. There had to be a better way of doing this.

As soon as Charlie and I were in London, my need for smarter shoes or boots increased, but Charlie being a musician was always looking funkier. So here completes the Gilmour & Gray boot. Let’s combine his funkiness and my eye for traditional quality and stitching. Then you could have an East London meets West London boot, perfect for all occasions, but remember this is high in quality, yet affordably priced. Get your boots, get your boots!