February SALE

We have been silent since Christmas but are now back. Hi.

So we launched with a bang in October with an influx of orders from fellow boot lovers and Christmas buyers alike. It has been a great launch phase and since our last blog we have been so excited with the sight of our boots pacing around the streets of London and blighty.

We now have some great news regarding Gilmour & Gray. We are designing (as we speak there are designs being drawn with colouring in going on of more funky elastic and different leathers) a new range that will be ready for Spring / Summer. This will include a black suede as well as the original brown. We will also be introducing funky colours into our boot-toire. Sorry.

So we are giving all you boot lovers a chance to snap up an original pair of Gilmour & Grays. We say original because this is the first ever range of boots that we have produced and in years to come, we are utterly convinced that 1) these boots will be an old friend and 2) they will be worth a small fortune. Trust us.

Please can you head to the website or spread the word that Gilmour & Gray are having a February Sale (not January) and this is the last chance to pick up stock.

Until next time.

The Boot Brothers.