The boot brothers inject vibrancy into a timeless classic

The brand has been built by brothers Charlie & Nick with both London and the country in mind. These boots are to be worn on both the pavement and the muddy field. 

There has always been a market for Chelsea boots across the world and our vision is to create a brand that brings a colourful and fresh look to a timeless classic.

Who is in our team?

Charlie & Nick


The rest of the Gray clan


Ambassadors and helpers who have helped us get to where we are today 

Why Gilmour & Gray?

While “Gilmour and Gray” is one of the newest British names in footwear fashion to look out for, linking the names ‘Gilmour’ with ‘Gray’ is a tradition which dates back six generations. 

Although now based in Gloucestershire, many years ago, The Gray Family lived North of the Scottish Border in  Ayrshire. During  the 18th and 19th Century the family were farming people until late Victorian times. It is said that in the early 19th Century “a lady from the Gilmour Family fell very much in love with a gentleman of the land owning Gray Family” but their love was never to be united in marriage. It is said within the Gray family that something happened which could never be “properly spoken of”.

Nobody within the Gray family quite knows for sure, or has ever been able to fully know the reasons why, but from that time on, the first born son in every generation of the Gray Family has carried the Gilmour name along with the names given by his parents.